Initial Evaluation $125. This includes an hour of formal and informal assessment and a written report of the findings and recommendations. Parents are required to stay with their child on that first visit. If additional time is needed to complete the assessment, it will be at the $70/hour rate and scheduled based on parents’ schedule and my availability.

Fees are determined based on the child’s needs and the amount of time scheduled to meet those needs. Younger children do not usually tolerate an hour, so we schedule 30-45 minutes until the child is comfortably able to work for an hour (with 2-3 breaks). Rates start at $70 an hour and are adjusted based on the time needed to meet the child’s needs. Some students attend twice a week. Most students come to my home for therapy/tutoring. If I drive to your home, there is an additional charge of $15 to cover gas and travel time. Parents are welcome to stay with their child and observe. I like to take time at the end of the session to answer questions and explain homework. Nine out of ten of my current clients usually drop off their child and return in an hour.

I always do my best to accommodate the needs of the child and the parent. Each child is unique, and their family dynamics are always considered in order to provide the best experience possible to advance learning.