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Providing child-centered instruction that focuses on development of the whole child.

Located in the North Metro Denver area, I have 34 years of experience as a Speech/Language Pathologist in schools. My goal is to provide quality instruction for remediation of articulation errors while developing strong communication skills. Instruction includes the development of reading and math skills as needed.  I also tutor students in subjects from their school’s curriculum (spelling, science, history) while practicing articulation and reading strategies. We enjoy using hands-on activities and computer games to practice and advance student’s skills in a way that makes sense to them. Teaching is my passion!


North Metro Denver
Henderson, CO

School Hours

Monday – Thursday
Saturday by appointment

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What Parents are Saying

“Michelle is absolutely amazing!!  Two of my daughters see her weekly.  My oldest daughter went from reading 2 grades below grade level to 1.5 grades above.  She came home so excited because she moved up two reading groups at school this year!  My other daughter is also seeing rapid progress and went from reading below grade level to solidly at grade level.  Michelle also helps them with math and spelling words. She genuinely cares about them and it shows.  They both love going to tutoring every week!”

Michelle R.

“Mrs. Conn has been working with my son for a few years, and has been amazing for him. He has grown in reading and math. My son enjoys going to Mrs. Conn. She has been seeing my other son for about a year, and he has grown a lot as well.”

Tony S.

“Michelle has been such a great person to have in Kaylen’s education. My daughter went from not being able to pronounce certain letters/words, to correcting herself when she hears herself pronouncing something incorrectly, she also went from having no interest in reading and even in school completely to finding great joy in both. When Michelle started tutoring Kaylen, she made sure Kaylen was comfortable with her by building a great repour.  Michelle truly takes the time to make sure that Kaylen understands the material, she has great patience, and a wonderful understanding of individualizing lessons specifically for Kaylen. We appreciate all the work she does and has done to keep Kaylen caught up.”

Jean Q.